ECAN Admin portal -IELTS Booking.

Here is a small tutorial  for how to use ECAN Admin Portal app. Once you login to ECAN IELTS Booking Portal of CMST. You can see 3 categories on the left side of the panel.

  • Booking
  • Users
  • Setting

You can’t see Booking unless you Append dates, location, and Modules. For that first of all, you have to Navigate towards the “Setting” section.

  • The very first things that you can see once you have loaded “settings” is Test modules. You have to add test modules.

Test Modules

  • Click on the Test modules and from the “Add Modules” button, add module name (Academic and General Training)

Test Location

  • Click on Test Location button to add the Test locations for IELTS tests

Test Dates

You have to click on “Add Dates” to add dates.

ECAN Branches

To add a branch of ECAN, you have to click on “Add Branch”

ECAN Bank Accounts

You have to append bank account from where clients can make payment for their test. When filling up a new booking application, the client will choose from the bank accounts you have added here. Click on “Add Bank Account” and add Bank name, Account Name, and Account numbers.


In this section, all the bookings of students are visible according to their dates-wise. You should review it. If there are problems or issues with the application, you should mark the Issues and They will be notified via email. They can see applications that have Issues under the “Issues” tab (first tab). To continue the process, they will need to edit the application and fix the issues. Issues may be a wrong name, Passport number mismatch or more. After changing the necessary details of the application, they click Submit. The status of the application will be updated to Pending again. You will review the application again and if no issues are found, the status may be updated to Booking. In some cases, due to various reasons, the application may be cancelled, due to which the status may also be updated to Cancelled.

After you booked the application, you can export all the booked applications into an Excel file format. Similarly, you can also export only “TRF Requested” applications by clicking on “Export TRF” button. If you only want the attachments of the applications, click on the second button “Export Booked Application Documents”.


ID and password are provided by ECAN to users so that they can access the booking portal.

How to add users

  • To add a user you have to hover over “Users” which is on left panel below Bookings
  • Click on the “Add User” button.


  • Fill out the form  and click on “Save” to create user
  • The email you entered in the dialog form will receive an email. The email will contain a link. Once the user clicks on the link, the user will be navigated to the IELTS Booking Dashboard and prompted to enter a password for their account. After doing so, the user is successfully verified and can start submitting IELTS Booking applications.