How to Add an Applicant Manager

About Applicant Manager

An Applicant Manager is a user who has permission access to applicants’ profiles. In certain cases, if the users don’t have permission to access the applicant’s profile then you need to Add an Applicant manager. By default, an admin can view all the applicant’s profile but if you are users whose roles are restricted then you have to add an Applicant manager. In your Roles setting if Applicant view is Yes, and if in Applicant Listing there are Lists All, then the user can see listing and profile of an applicant automatically, you don’t need the Applicant Manager there but in reverse cases, user can see only those applicants that are added by them. Users can see others added applicants if a user is an Applicant manager in those profiles.

Prerequisites for adding an applicant manager

  • Make sure you have the permission to add an applicant manager (Can be accessed by admin from the role you’ve been assigned)
  • Make sure you’ve access to the applicant’s profile where you’d want to add another applicant manager

How to add an Applicant Manager in an Applicant’s Profile

  • Firstly, open up the applicant profile, who you want to add an Applicant manager
  • You can visit the Applicants page from the left pane (below Dashboard).
  • Once you have loaded the profile of a student, on the right side of the profile there you can see “Add an Applicant Manager” button.

  • Click on Add Applicant manager a form will appear, Assign the roles, select the users and click on “save “