How to add an Applicant Scores in CMST

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • Open the Profile of the Applicant whose Scores need to be appended. There are several ways to find the applicant:
    • If you know which Type the applicant is, you can click on the Applicant’s Type card in Dashboard. For example, if the Applicant is of Type, “Class Enrollment”, simply click on the “Class Enrollment” card in Dashboard
  • Once you have loaded the profile of an applicant. You can see several features. At the top corner side, you can see the “Action” button.

  • Click on that “Action button”, that gives access to a different section, you have to click on “Add Score”.

  • Afterward, a form will appear. Fill the form, add applicants Test names and LRWS(Listening, Reading, writing and speaking score) and click on “save”


  • Alternatively, you can Add Score from a down rectangular box. once you have opened an applicant profile scroll down the page you can see a rectangular box. There you can see various features such as Visa, Score, Academic, Test Dates, etc click on that scores bar and add Scores.