How to Create a Branch in CMST

Branches let you organize your portal into independent sub-portals (e.g., consultancy branches) with their own administration and branding, and their own sets of rules, users and courses. A branch can have its own URL, sign-in page, logo, theme, and timezone.

To create a branch in CMST, you have to

  • Log in to your CMST account.
  • You can visit the “Branches” from the left pane (below commissions). From the left pane, access “Branches”.
  • Branches help us to create a new branch.
  • If you want to create a new branch then you have to click on “Branches” which is on the top. Then the form will appear, you have to fill the form and click on save.



  • As you have already created a branch, now you have to wait for branch approval from the super admin.
  • A new user can be created from Add user (fill all the required data) the user can be created as Admin or receptionist

  • The main branch admin can switch to the branch admin a/c to view all the work progress.

The motive of Branches are:

    • None of the branch admin or staff could cheat in any student data.
    • Transparent data between all the branch admin.
    • Easy transfer of the document along with a trouble-free way to book the seats for IELTS and college applying for.