How to create a Task in CMST

Task is a piece of work to be done or undertaken. A Task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals. In essence, task management is deemed very important among employee or staff members because it helps them become more productive; it reduces the time allotted for setting priorities, encourages us to make use of the art of delegation

Task is a great tool to replace your team’s use of email and chat for task-based communication. It provides a straightforward system for organizing and monitoring Tasks at a glance, Assigning it in a bulk of members. It also enables staff members to get a better idea of which members are working on closely related tasks. You can learn all you need to get a job done from a task card, and all discussions about it can take place right there. By keeping all of the information you need in a single location, it’s easy to keep everything on track, quickly see what’s being done, and look back to previous conversations. Members can see the status of the task either it is completed, in progress, or is important.

Here is a small guide on how can you create a task in CMST.

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • From the left pane, access “Task”.
  • It gives access you to a board where you can see Create Task button, filters and Task Status I.e In Progress, Completed and Important. Similarly, you can see all the existing task its status, whom it is assigned to and who created the task.

In Filters you can see a dropdown menu, if you click on that menu it gives access to various filters of task  Such as:

All Tasks

At this juncture, you can see all the tasks at a glance. You can see all the task either created by yourself or created by others.

It gives easy access to a list of all Task

My Task

At this juncture, you can see only those tasks that have been assigned to you by other team members.

 Task Created By Me 

As the name itself implies, that in this section it give access you to those tasks that have been created by you



  • If you want to create a new task click on “Create Task” button. It gives you access you to a form,to Create a task you have to fill out that form and click on save .
  • In a form you can see Select Users, there is a dropdown menu. If you want to Assign a task in a bulk then you can select users. Fill out the form, set a Deadline Date, Deadline time and click on “Save”.


  • Once you saved a form, it gives you access to another form in such way. You can select a status of the form


A checklist is a way of keeping track of subtasks within a card. You can add multiple checklists to a single card. Mark an item as complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox to the left of the title.


Benefits of a Task

  • Efficient Task Management
  • Uninterrupted Communication
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • It solves the problem of forgetfulness
  • Can assign users in a bulk