How to create an Appointment or a Follow-up with an Applicant in CMST

Applicants often need to meet with concerned personnel such as counselors, documentation officers or related people. Also, for various reasons, someone from the consultancy may need to contact an applicant. In most cases, whenever a new student visits your consultancy, they sit for a session with the counselor. Therefore, the front-desk officer (receptionist) schedules an appointment between the applicant and the counselor. This can be done as many times as required as a student may come or may need to be contacted on several occasions.

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • Open the Profile of the Applicant whose appointment needs to be scheduled. There are several ways to find the applicant:
    • If you know which Type the applicant is, you can click on the Applicant’s Type card in Dashboard. For example, if the Applicant is of Type, “Class Enrollment”, simply click on the “Class Enrollment” card in Dashboard

      Applicant's Types as Cards in Dashboard
      Applicant’s Types as Cards in Dashboard
    • You can visit the Applicants page from the left pane (below Dashboard). Simply filter the list using tag and search box. Additionally, you can use the “Filter” button at Right side to search via other fields such as email, phone number etc.
    • If you’re the applicant manager of the applicant, you can click on the “Assigned Applicants” card in Dashboard and search from there
  • Once you’ve loaded the profile of the applicant, you will see a box titled “Follow-up & Appointments”. At the right end of the box, click on the “Add New” button
  • If the applicant is coming to your office for the visit, select appointment, or if the applicant needs to be contacted via a phone call, email or SMS, then select “Follow up”
  • Choose the suitable date and time. By default, you’re shown pre-defined dates and time for your convenience. Choose “Custom” if you want to be more specific with the date and time
  • Choose the user who is going to attend the appointment or handle the follow-up with this applicant. The user you choose will receive a notification and an email
  • Include a note to write anything important
  • Click on “Save”
  • If the appointment or follow-up you just created is on the same day, then it appears in “Today”. If it’s at a later date, it shows up in “Upcoming”