How to edit an Applicant in CMST

Users might need to edit an Applicant profile for abundant reasons. For eg to Add a detail, to send documents,to create a payment, change counsellor, send an email etc.

  • Log in to your CMST account.
  • You can visit the “Applicants” from the left pane (below Dashboard)
  • Open the Profile of the Applicant whose profile needs to be edited. There are several ways to find the applicant If you know which Type the applicant is, you can click on the Applicant’s Type card in Dashboard. For example, if you want to edit Applicant, who is on the  “Class Enrollment”, simply click on the “Class Enrollment” card in Dashboard and click on the applicant name whose profile needs to be edited.

  • Once you have clicked on the applicant name whose profile needs to be edited, a form will appear in such a way

  • You can see several features on that profile. eg Add details, send SMS, Add Documents, Based on your requirements you can edit that applicant profile.

How to Add details

  • If a user needs to add additional details about an applicant then you need to click on “Add Details” button and have to fill the required form and click on “save”.


Once you loaded “Add Details” a form will appear. You have to fill the form as per your requirements and save.