How to make your Custom Inquiry Form with CMST


An inquiry form is a way to gather valuable information and leads from users on the site itself. The inquiry form itself can have a variety of different fields, which will be dependent mostly on consultancy is involved in. In CMST there will be fields that are universally included, like name, email, Phone number, Interested Course, Interested Country and other detail info. The sole purpose of the Form itself is that you can customize its parameters in URL by oneself, and to get people to fill out inquiry forms

Did you know that you can customize inquiry form with CMST? You can customize the inquiry form as per your Requirement.

Benefits of Customizable Inquiry form:

  • You can service leads efficiently by filtering them based on additional fields you’ve added.
  • Suppose you are having an Online fair next week, you can customize the name of the inquiry form, its color and you can create a tag for it.
  • A student can quickly fill-up the form, add a shorter message because the fields better target their requirement and all those inquiries will be in the tag that you have created.

Steps to Edit an Inquiry Form

Follow the below steps to get to the add/edit inquiry form page:

  • Click on Inquiry Forms
  • Go to the URL of your inquiry form. Hover over URL
  • If you are looking to edit an existing inquiry form, locate the proper one and click the URL
  • In URL You can see different parameters such as Code, Color, Show button, Tags



  •  To edit the inquiry form, either add/remove or edit field properties, you have to edit URL parameters.


Code: The code that you have in the inquiry form is different for every client. This individual code is generated and  provided to you by CMST .

Color: If you want to change the “Apply Now” button color then you have to input 6 digit color code in the URL as per your color preference.

Show Button: If you pass true on the parameter of show Button,(as the name itself implies) it gives you access to several buttons such as More Details, Add Academics, Score Form, Detail form and all as shown in above picture. In addition, if you don’t want to display others buttons expect  Apply Now button then you have to input false in show button.



Name: At this juncture, you have to input the name that you want in your inquiry form to be shown. While passing a name in the URL it shall convert into %20(as space) as shown in figure above.

Tag: You can create a new tag. All those students who shall fill those inquiry form will be listed on those tag categories. Tagging is extremely important in any type of work.  Giving a tag to a students/Applicant is necessary in CMST because:

  • It helps to categorize Students/Applicants.
  • It is easy to find information and details of applicants if you have categorized them in a tag  – tags work like filters




The benefit of having customizable inquiry form is that You can service leads efficiently by filtering them based on additional fields you’ve added. You can see the banner and interesting country in the above form, Uniformly you can remove banner as well as a course by writing parameter on the URL Likewise