How to process Visa in CMST

Visa Processing are for those applicants who are intended to go abroad and are in the Abroad Enrollment class. To process a Visa in CMST, all you have to :

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • Open the Profile of the Applicant whose visa needs to be processed.
  • Once you have loaded the profile of an applicant. You can see various features such as Add details, Visa Processing, Send SMS and Actions. For processing a visa of an applicant you have to click on “Visa Processing”.
  • A Form appears afterwards you clicked on “Visa processing “. You have to fill the required form.
  • ¬†Furthermore, you can add a country, University, and courses from Additional “Abroad section” as well which we have discussed in the “Abroad section”.
  • In the form, you have to append an existing country or create new, select University, courses , intake period, intake Date,¬† select a processing status and click on “Process visa”.

  • Then the form will appear in the Applicant profile in such a way once a visa is processed.