What are Contacts in CMST

We are living in a date filled age. Contacts are an individual’s phone number, email address by which another person or entity can use to reach the individual. In CMST consultancy contacts may have its employees’  or its associated people, for purposes of reaching an individual for various reasons. These touchpoints are vital

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • From the left pane, access “Contacts”. You can visit the Contacts page from the left pane (below Branches).
  • There you can see Employees/Students contacts number.For eg: Employees Email ID, Phone number, Organizations etc
  • If you want to create a contact then you can click on “Add Contact”. Then the form appears.


  • Fill the form and click on “save”.
  • You can give a tag to the Employees/Students as well. For e.g. if you create a tag “Imp”and add an Employee to that tag so later if you want to view their contact numbers you can easily go to that tag section and can access their contact numbers.
  • To Create a tag, edit or delete any employees/students you have to go to “Action” button
  • Click on “save”.