What are leads in CMST?


To put it simply, leads are potential customers/consumers who are interested in your consultancy..  A lead refers to contact with a potential customer. Gone are the days when your Applicants/Consumers would see your ad in the local newspaper and call you with inquiries about particular things. The expansion of technology and advertising platforms has allowed customers to shift from traditional media outlets like newspapers and television to social media and digital websites. A lead can be anyone who has expressed his/her desire in your consultancy. A Lead in CMST can come through many sources such as imported data, inquiry form, or even through a phone call(you have to enter data manually if it’s from a Phone call)  and can turn into applicants after a proper follow-up and appointments.

Previously on leads, all the data used to store in inquires, afterward, CMST features have been upgraded and now all the data are stockpile only in leads cards and later while can be added as an Applicant, in Inquiries, after a proper follow-up. (This helps to organize the system as only applicants data are available in the Inquiries. Lead allows you to target your desired customers, thus reducing and making clear your target audience. )

The upgraded features in the leads are: 

  • Add lead 
  • Import data
  • Export lead

How to access leads

  • Log in to your CMST account
  • From the left pane, access “Dashboard”. Dashboard section is shown by default on logging in
  • In the Dashboard, you can see leads cards, all those data are available on lead.

  • Once you click on the leads section, it gives you access to several data that are generated in leads 
  •  The bulk of data doesn’t create a profile of students, (it filters the students and converts them as Add-in applicants and enroll them in the inquiry)  nevertheless data in lead generated from the inquiry page create a profile of applicants.
  • To convert those data into applicants you have click on the checkbox of those students who you wanna transfer, nearby that checkbox you can see three doted, click on there and add as an applicant, likewise click on inquiring and Transfer those students to create a profile of them.


  • Leads filter the bulk of data into an applicant

Benefits of leads 

  1. Lead allows you to target your desired customers, thus reducing and making clear your target audience. 
  2. From the bulk of  numerous applicants, it identifies the potential applicants and transfers it in dashboard