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By Applicant code: A student can themselves verify their profile by entering their Student Code and DOB that you have entered in their CMST profile. You can see the Student Code from any Student profile at the left side, or from the Applicant list, second column that says “Code”.
By QR Code: Click on the applicant’s profile. On the left side, you’ll see a small icon button (next to Applicant’s Name on Left Pane). Hover on it and a pop-up with QR Code will appear. Now, have the student install your app from Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store. There’s an option “Scan QR Code & Create Account”. The student will click on it and scan the QR code that’s on CMST in your computer. Usually, this can be done from the Reception computer. If the student has already created an account, clicking on “Verify Now” button will allow the student to continue the process.
By CMST user: You can also directly verify any student. For this, the student’s account needs to be created in the app by the student. You can see all the accounts created in your mobile app by visiting “Mobile App” > “App Students” menu section. After that, any student who’s not verified yet can be verified by clicking on “Transfer to Dashboard” button at the right side. If the student’s records are already in your CMST Applicants, you can “merge” (link) them, or you can create a new Applicant profile which will now connect with the app’s account.
The benefit of verification is that now the applicant can access their class details, payment details, appointments, easily see VISA processing details and do many more without having to confirm each time. The student can also easily share documents with you.
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The student whose profile is verified can transfer documents directly to you. Furthermore, the student may also request an appointment with you from the app. Also, the student can chat with you and maintain their own profile.

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Yes, all your social media profiles have been integrated to your app. Students can visit your page inbox from Messenger with a single click from the app. Similarly, they can talk to you via Viber and WhatsApp whose links are available from the app.
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Yes, it has been done already in the app. Your website’s home page is also loaded in Home section of app. In addition to this, the navigation menu (three bars) item “Destination” enables the user to access all abroad study destination webpages of your website.
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Yes, in the Home section of the app, click on “Visa” button. Alternatively, the student can click on the top navigation menu icon (three bars) and then on “Track Visa Process”.
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For this, you will need to download the CMST
This app is for the consultancy, to log in to CMST from their mobile device
Upon logging in, you will find the section “Student Chat” from the main navigation drawer menu [Click on the top left (three bars)]
Coming soon regarding this:
A. Student chatting directly from www.cmst.xyz
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The app loads the following things directly from your CMST’s “My Profile” section:
– Logo & Cover Pic
– Consultancy Details (Available from: CMST > My Profile (left pane) > Profile)
– Gallery
– Notices
Other things are integrated automatically for the convenience of the student such as Appointment, Classes, Payments, Abroad Section, courses, required documents and many more which you will find in the Home section of the app
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